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 Buying Admin/donating-Dcoi post

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Buying Admin/donating-Dcoi post Empty
PostSubject: Buying Admin/donating-Dcoi post   Buying Admin/donating-Dcoi post EmptySat Jan 12, 2008 9:15 pm

Buying Admin:
$20 a month-Basic Admin for ALL servers. (KZ, Knife, Zombie, UWC3)
Same prices unless your trustable, then something can be worked out.

$20/mo for all servers, no specific server administration.
If you buy it, its for all of them, not just one or two.
Sorry for anyone who wants just one server, but I am not gonna setup seperate files for each server since they are constantly being updated. If you get admin, you will have the same level on all servers.
$20/mo Basic Administration would include:
Kick,Slap,Slay,Map,Vote,Chat,Custom Knives, and a bunch of misc commands that fall under some of those flags.

Your access can be removed at any time if you choose not to follow the rules, or act like a dickwad.

By purchasing admin you agree that if we decide your untrustable with admin it will be removed. You also agree to uphold our rules, not yours.


Donating: Gameservers has some feature I just noticed where people can pay directly to them via paypal.
Donate towards the good of the servers, and know that it will be used towards the servers, and not just pocketed.


check it out. it will show you the balances and everything.

Note: the new pending server has been canceled... it was an accident.
Note2: look at how they like to fuck up the prices...
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Buying Admin/donating-Dcoi post
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