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 Want to team-up

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Want to team-up Empty
PostSubject: Want to team-up   Want to team-up EmptyFri Jan 02, 2009 8:29 pm

I am iNDi and I run a 24/7 knife deathmatch server in cs:cz My server has a capicity of 16players and following are the polls from the game-monitor.com
Game Rank: 1653 / 3799
Country Game Rank: 87 / 185
City Game Rank: 35 / 84
My server is doing really good as its only knife deathmatch server in any game. My server has also got plugins liek knife-mod and purchase mod. Its been up for just a month but I m getting high popularity. I have already got over 150 clan members. My servers average for past months is 4.3 and that for your server is 4.4 bearing in mind my server is been new. The reason I want to team up with you guys is thinking of a good cs knife server Insanes's knife server comes up and that for cz my server is popular so if we both clan team-up we could make big progress. As i live in uk I could get some members for you during ur off times and as for my odd times you can get players for my server. In offer I would make four of your admins in my server and we are open for new ideas.

Following are DEtails of me and my server
STeam id: -=}P.G.F{=- .:iNDi:.lLdr
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Want to team-up Empty
PostSubject: server Details   Want to team-up EmptyFri Jan 02, 2009 8:35 pm

The ip address for my server is

Group Name: ProGamersFun
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Want to team-up
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